Mobile App Development

Basecamp IT Solutions is expert in the design, development and deployment of mobile applications for Smart Phones, tablet computers, touch-based devices, and other hand held devices. Whether an organisation wishes to develop a mobile application for an enterprise application, a gaming concept, a social networking application, a location or GPS application, a travel, food, education, healthcare or legal vertical application, the Basecamp IT Solutions can provide design, programming, testing in proprietary simulator environs, and deployment and registration of third party applications.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Android is a relatively new player in the division of mobile operating systems and it has already managed to capture significant share of the market. The fact that it is an open source OS allows it to be cost effective and gets significant return on investment for the clients who use them for business purposes. Other than developing business applications for Android, our team also develops applications aimed at entertainment and fun.

If you have an idea in your mind about the kind of functionality you want from an Android application, share it with us and our talented developers will design a customized application to meet your needs in a way that is even beyond your imagination. Whether our clients want productivity applications or applications for business, games and photos, we have a wide array of these applications to present to our clients.

Iphone App Development

Our team of developers is masterful in the development of applications for the iOs. We are well aware of all the standards prevailing in the industry for iOS development and abide by them. We make highly responsive iOS applications that serve your objectives. From Internet browsing to games, entertainment, productivity and business, we specialize in a wide range of applications for the iOS. We value in-depth knowledge and hands-on developing for the purpose of designing iOS applications, which are based on an immense amount of research. Our expertise lies in the development of applications for the iPhone/iPad. These applications are efficient and graphic-rich and enable users to have the superior experience associated with the use of these devices.

The best feature of having your iOS applications designed from our company is that you get the benefit of competitive pricing and can save significantly and at the same time have a high-quality, superior-functioning application. In developing applications, our teams are highly responsive and we ensure communication with the clients at all times for updates. As a result, clients get the opportunity to give their feedback during the process of application development so that the changes can be made, if required.

IOS mobile phone app development
Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone App Developmemnt

One of the most popular of platforms for mobile phones is Windows. For your Windows application needs, we offer consulting and application development services. We have a team of developers and programmers who design special features in the apps to fulfill your needs and meet the functionality objectives. Whatever your expectations may be regarding the performance capability of Windows applications, we make it happen for you. If you need to outsource your windows mobile application development, we are the ones who can handle it impeccably for you. We are capable to designing applications for a number of Windows OS platforms. We aim at designing superior quality, highly reliable Windows mobile applications to fulfill your performance requirements.

We have an in-house application development team that has all the talent, capabilities and resources required to design amazing Windows mobile applications, which are reliable. Along with quality, cost effectiveness and reliability, you get the benefit of scalability so that you can easily update them as new developments occur. We adopt a special project management approach that is aimed at delivering your application at the right time.