Application Services

At Basecamp IT Solutions We observe that many clients have unique business needs. We can evaluate requirements, develop specifications, and produce applications that create a full solution to assist you when you are:

  • Searching for custom applications that let you launch pioneering services or products into the marketplace
  • Looking for an application with high performance or confidentiality requirements
  • Struggling with packaged software that does not provide the functionality

We use solution accelerators to help reduce the cost of custom applications, and shorten solution development timeframes. With deep levels of experience and proven success in multiple technologies domains, we can build solutions that conform to your stringent specifications and standards, as well as equip innovator enterprises with a competitive advantage.

Steps with you

  • Consulting — Identify opportunities for improvement and needs not addressed by your current application architecture, through customization, modernization and maintenance.
  • Development — Build customized applications for your organization, using our expertise in a wide range of development platforms.
  • Integration — Create a singular, interconnected IT community for your entire organization by strengthening data transfer communications with suppliers and customers and streamlining physical data collection points.
  • Testing — Minimize risk through comprehensive, pre deployment application testing, and reduce time to market through our low-cost, global resources.
  • Maintenance — Extend application lifespan through custom enhancements, user- and system-support, and upgrades.

We are focused on optimum results and reliable solutions. We create scalable, dependable solutions and provide support to ensure professional, quality output and usability. Our processes are designed to prevent re-work. We focus on doing it right the first time.

In addition, one of our goals is to help future-proof your solutions and reduce maintenance costs by offering long-term applications lifecycle management and enhancement services through technology resources at our center.