Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System is a comprehensive suite of software modules to cater the mutiple stores and multiple warehouses of SME to Large Enterprises. Prominent features are listed below:

VMS Setup

Inventory Management Transaction

Purchase requisition/Indent


Purchase Order

Inspection/Delivery Challan

GRN (Stock Update)

Invoice/Valuation of GRN --> G/L Payable

Payment to supplier --> G/L (Knock Off Payable)

Purchase Return ->G/L (Knock Off Payable)

Requisition for Items

Items Issuance- -> G/L (Increase Consumption)

Stock Decrease

Issue Return--> G/L (Decrease Consumption)

Stock (Increase Stock)

Project/Job Costing Calculations


Supplier-wise purchase

Supplier-wise payable ageing

Delivery Analysis of Supplier

Supplier Performance

Slow Moving Items

Dead Stock

Purchase comparison with prev. data

Consumption comparison with prev. data

Pending Orders

Purchase/Delivery of Items

Expected arrival of Items

Fund Requirements

Payable Ageing

Due Invoices 

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